Project Info

Streamlining of agriculture and rural development policies of SEE countries for EU accession

The project aims at addressing a closer coordination, and, in the long run, a stable relationship between policy makers and academics, and between the SEE countries, which is essential for an effective administrative system and an accelerated accession process.

As the outcome of the project, governments of the SEE accession countries are streamlining their agriculture and rural development policies with the current and future CAP.

The main stakeholders of the project are Ministries of Agriculture of the participating countries, in particular the relevant departments and units that deal directly with creation and implementation of agriculture and rural development policies, as well as policy analysis. The second group of stakeholders are academic and research institutions and universities in the SEE region with the capacity of agro-economic analytics. The third group of stakeholders  consist of representatives from civil society associations and other experts dealing with agriculture and rural development policy issues. Special attention is given to involving representatives from CSOs with gender equality or women’s empowerment focus. The indirect beneficiaries are the rural population in the participating countries, particularly the beneficiaries of the agriculture and rural development measures derived from improved policy making.

Project Outputs

Output 1: Functional cooperation between Governments and academia at national level and networking at regional level for exchange of information and recommendations relating to EU agriculture and rural development policies (CAP) established.

  • Activity 1: Identify universities, research institutes and key players at national and regional level;
  • Activity 2: Identify the most appropriate model of cooperation with Ministries of Agriculture;
  • Activity 3: Design a strategy for a networking and cooperation campaign and a portal for ease of collaboration;
  • Activity 4: Organize conferences, workshops and core technical meetings of project participants with key players and experts,  including policy makers and researchers.

Output 2: Available information relating to EU agriculture and rural development policies collected, systematized and assimilated in an adequate form and recorded in a rural development policy catalogue/database to be created under this output.

  • Activity 1: Implement desk research for collection of available documents (formal and grey literature) prepared by universities, institutes, EU research projects, e.g. TEMPUS, FP-7, etc., bi- and multilateral technical assistance, etc.;
  • Activity 2: Digest and systematize collected materials;
  • Activity 3: Prepare studies and summaries for policy makers;
  • Activity 4: Create an online rural development policy catalogue/database

Output 3: Recommendations for each participating country on completion of necessary analyses, studies and strategic documents relating to EU agriculture and rural development policies (CAP) formulated.

  • Activity 1: Identify gaps in analytical and strategic documents for streamlining with agriculture and rural development policies of the current and future CAP
  • Activity 2: Elaborate country specific recommendations and Action Plans, including identification of necessary resources.

The project was jointly implemented by FAO and SWG.

The implementation period was June 1st, 2012-August 1st, 2014.