Kick-Off Meeting and Training for the project: “National policy instruments and EU Approximation process: Effects on farm holdings in the Western Balkan countries (EUEWB)”, 19 – 21January, 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

SWG started the project: “National policy instruments and EU approximation process: Effects on farm holdings in WB countries”. The project is funded by the European Commission particularly the Joint Research Center – Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation among research community and administrations in the WB in order to create an effective and scientifically sound support to policy decision-making.

Among the others, aim of the project is to exploit and transfer knowledge to the scientific community in the WB on farm level quantitative policy analysis developed in IPTS – AGRILIFE to enhance their capabilities to conduct scientifically based policy support. The special aim in this context is to explore the possibility of extending the application of the EU based IFM-CAP (Individual Farm Model for the Common Agricultural Policy) model developed in IPTS-AGRILIFE to the WB countries.

In that respect, the kick-off meeting and training on  IFM-CAP are organized in Ljubljana in the period January 19th-21st, 2016.

The kick-off meeting aimed to discussion and agreements on project implementation and was attended by academic experts, as well as Ministry representatives working on FADN.

The training is intended for academic experts, as well as Ministry representatives working on FADN and aims on detailed elaboration of IFM-CAP and testing the data preparation.


Presentation of the proejct Boban Ilic Annex 2

Presentation roles, responsibilities, communication Irena Dzimrevska _Annex 4

Ljubljana – IPTS Project FADN WB_Task1 Tina Volk & MIroslav Rednak_ Annex 5

KO M Ljubljana – IPTS Project FADN WB _ Working plan Emil Erjavec& Tina Volk_ Annex 3.compressed

IFM-CAP JRC_Annex 7.compressed

EUEWB_Task2_Farm level data availability and quality Maja Kozar._Annex 6

2015-12-15__ Kick-off Meeting and Training – Programme Annex 1

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